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I am Maja, born and raised in Slovenia. When I was younger, my dream was to own a hostel. In some remote places, where I will enjoy sunny weather, drink beer, wear flip-flops and talk with travelers. Well, let’s say that at the moment, my dreams partially came true. I live in Vienna and we rent out a couple of apartments as a short-term rental. I have to admit that I enjoy doing this and my wish and goal is to continue and grow our business in this direction. 


I think that I am a lucky person. Life took me to different places and I am happy where I am now. I am free, I have remote work, that enables me to work from anywhere, takes just a couple of hours per day and leaves me much time to work on my dreams. Besides exploring the world and short-term rental project, my passion is also good food and experimenting with my life. Until I met my boyfriend Leo, I was more on a safe side when it comes to working, but he gave me the courage and help me to see that I am capable to do more than I thought. 

The reason why I decided to create this blog is that we do so many different things, we are open and daring to try new and unknown, we both work on our business and don’t care so much about what’s “normal” and that we have to live the life as our parents did. I am happy to have him in my life and that we can share the same vision of the future. We help and support each other and I hope you will also find a bit of inspiration in what we are doing or even a bit of encouragement to try something new. And if nothing else, this little public diary will be a great read once I will be old and retired, preferably somewhere in South-East Asia.

Love, Maja


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