LeoMaja Business Challenge

On January 14th Leo and I decided to spice up our daily life a bit. So, we decided to go to the swingers club. Joke. Maybe my post would be more interesting if we would go and I would describe the experience in the next couple of paragraphs, but unfortunately, we didn’t go there. But no worries, if we will in the future, I will for sure share details here.

We actually started with a year-long challenge with a working title “NoSafeWord” and “NoWayOut”, which clearly show that we shouldn’t give up on or escape from, I guess. I think that the moment when we decided to go into this was after a long conversation, in the time period where we both felt without any inspiration, how to go forward and what we want to focus on. During the conversation, the idea came up to start a challenge, where we would focus on important points of our life and make a step forward. Leo has also a strong background in the gaming area, he was a co-founder of a gamification company, so the idea of adding a little pointing system to the whole challenge was obviously inevitable. Btw, the word “inevitable” just came to my head, it somehow felt right to use it, but I was not sure if it means what I think it means, so I had to Google it before writing it down. And yes, it fits there. Inevitable: adj, certain to happen; unavoidable.

Anyhow, to come back to my point. This conversation started last year already, then we postponed it a bit, and in January, after we came back from China trip, we finally started. And I have to say that I am really surprised how it’s going until now. We are taking it seriously, it feels great completing daily tasks and the part that I like the most are our morning meetings when we review the day before and give points to each other.

Challenge categories

We divided the challenge in different categories that cover the most important areas in the current situation we are in like: money (we need more of it), planning (we need to build some routine, content creating (we need to start writing and producing content), health (we need to be more active and aware of our health) and fun (we are already super fun, so no need to improve that). Above all, our goal is to build a business from scratch in one year. Easier said than done, right? I think, this can be very beneficial for me especially, so I will finally make some proper moves in the right business direction. Maybe it sounds funny, that I need a challenge for that, but currently and I am in this comfortable bubble, that allows me to be in a procrastinating mode, and if I can, oh hell…I will choose to procrastinate above everything else.

So we came up with this concept where we help each other, compete against each other and we are accountability buddies for the tasks that are sometimes easy to avoid. Leo is an Excel spreadsheet guru, throwing around numbers like crazy, so he wrote down the whole concept and the evaluation of the points for each task. It goes something like this:


Of course a very important part. We are keeping track of all the money we spend and earned in the process of building this business. This is the most painful part since money doesn’t come so easily. Especially not in the beginning, for example at the moment I am still at 0 points, so you can imagine that it can be really depressing when you are not getting any money points.


As mentioned in my previous article The Art of Planning, we start our days with daily plans, weeks with weekly plans, quarters with quarterly plans and years with yearly plans lol. We get points if we made a plan and if we achieved our goals. We give points to each based on how our day went and if we did everything how we planned. For now, I’m not really getting 100% here.

Content creating

Oh, content, content. When I start writing something and I’m really in the writing mode it’s great. But these moments are quite rear for now. There is so much stuff going on in my head but it’s still not so easy to get it out. Writing and sharing are not so natural processes for me but I would like them to be. So I hope this is also something that I will be able to improve within this challenge. We also agreed to punish each other if we don’t create and share the content later on. This will be fun.


Another area of our lives that needs attention. We track our weight on a daily basis, which is important if you are such a food lover like us. We are more attentive to calories and we started to go to the gym. 3 times per week and we subscribed to the gym for the next 20 months 😄 We, of course, get points for this as well. I want to join a 10k run this year (probably I will do it in Berlin) and I want to be able to finish the run without dying or walking in between. Last year, I joined Vienna Women’s Run for which I didn’t prepare so much, so I couldn’t handle it, so I did some walking in between 👀
This year I want to get in better shape and run like a wind.


My favorite part ♥︎ I think every day is fun, I am really lucky that also Leo is a person, who likes to enjoy life, is not afraid to be silly and stupid and likes to make fun of me and himself. So, our days are super relaxed and fun. Nevertheless, we decided to give fun points to each other, which makes it even more fun, because if Leo is making fun of me, I can easily say: No, fun points for you, HA! Ah, sometimes I really feel that we are 2 kids trapped in grown-ups bodies, slightly out of shape bodies 😉

Meetings every morning

Every morning after coffee and morning routine, we sit down to do a daily plan and discuss the previous day. We check our activities, give points if we accomplish our goals and give minus points if we failed in some. It is a nice, relaxing time to start the day easy, no rush and discuss what’s on our plates the following day. Sometimes if I have a lot on my schedule, I tend to start my day in a rush but with these meetings, I really start with more calm and ‘everything is gonna be alright’ approach.


Sometimes people complain that their life is one big routine. Sleep, work, eat, repeat. Well, our life is the complete opposite. For the last couple of months, we had zero routines. I was all over the place, didn’t make any progress, was not taking care of myself, just flying from one day to another. We also spent about 1/3 of the year traveling, which makes it even harder to control your life. I don’t like routine, but you need to have at least a bit of it to be more aware of things that are happening around you and that you do some progress in the direction you want to go.

I strongly believe that this challenge can help me to get on the right track a bit, to take steps in the direction where I want to go and become even more free and independent. We decided to stay in Vienna for the next 3 months, put a ban on traveling (just one short trip to Budapest:)), just to be able to go more into a routine and build a more stable base for our business and life. I love it so much, the life that we currently have, the only thing that is actually missing is this little routine that will help us to be even more awesome and free.

So, if you are interested more about the challenge and you are looking at the ways how to improve your life in a fun and unconventional way, let me know, we will be happy to share more details and help you out.